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Greeting Message -about Globen-

Globen Co., Ltd. manufactures and sells garden materials. Ranging from artificial bamboo fence components to irrigation systems, we produce our products or develop them with our foreign suppliers in order to import, and then put everything on the market for sale.

The year 2010 is the company’s 30th anniversary since its foundation. Our business has been flourishing and our company’s slogans reflect this: “We offer original, high-quality garden products” and “We guarantee lifelong service satisfaction to our customers.
  Greeting Message -about Globen-
Greeting Message -about Globen-   In the early days of the company, we invented our own product, a naturalistic artificial bamboo—the so-called “Globen bamboo”—to decorate gardens. It has grown popular and is enjoyed by many, as people often think to use Globen bamboo when fencing their Japanese gardens, house gardens, and hot springs. Our new products are made by creativity and thinking “outside the box” in terms of possibilities within the garden industry.

Since the beginning of our import business twenty years ago, we have been learning the marketing procedure from our foreign suppliers: marketing leaders, and selling fiber reinforced plastic garden stones, lanterns, irrigation systems, fountains, pond liner, rainwater tanks, and other featured products to Japan.

We also established our subsidiary company, GardenUp Co., Ltd., in 1999. The company imports conservatories (sunrooms) from the UK and sells them to Japan. We hold the largest share of conservatories in Japan.

GLOBEN =GLOBal ENterprise= a corporation that has international perspectives It is too difficult to evaluate Globen only by its size. Import factors include: we always strive to achieve higher goals and provide consistent services. We do not sell “Do it yourself” products because we supply to over eight hundred of our distributors all over Japan.

They consist of the professional garden designers, architects, and construction companies. The young generation of our unique and talented members is making Globen the greatest company.

Our business has been successful due to the cooperation of all who support our company and customers. We always welcome any offer to build a new business partnership and will continue to make our best effort for everyone.


Company name Globen Co.,LTD.
President/CEO Yoshitake Hattori
Main ProductsDecorations Japanese Garden Decorations
Water Features
European Features
Type of Business Manufacturer, Importer
Address 3998-31 Aza minami, Motohoshizaki-cho, Minato-ku, Nagoya, Aichi, Japan Three branch offices and a factory in Japan
Year of Foundation since:1980
International Trade 25 years (since 1988)
Language Japanese and English
(a representative is staying in an office)
Number of Employee Number of Employee 55
Mainly importing from the U.S., Germany, the UK, Australia, , and many others.


Japanese Garden Decorations

Japanese Garden Decorations   Plastic Bamboos
Traditional Japanese Style
Modern Japanese Style

Water Features

Water Features   Plastic Bamboos
Irrigation Systems Water Gardens Ponds and Swimming Ponds

Our suppliers

Pond liner Holcim Solutions and Products Company
Irrigation Items Hunter Industries Inc. and more
Rain Water reserverd tank Otto Graf GmbH and more
Pumps and fountains Messner GmbH & Co.KG and Oase
Light and water features Oase

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